sreda, 31. oktober 2012

Runway bandits

Probably all of you are facing the same problem when you are looking for an online store and you can't find one that would fit you style perfectly. I have to say that I still haven't find 'the one', but I ran across a store that is close second. It is called RUNWAY BANDITS and it is based in Singapore. The thing I like the most is, that all the items are reasonably priced and well styled, put together in street style like combinations. Every item can be styled in to a million outfits and they say that they ship world wide (probably not to Slovenia, but I will try it soon).

They just launched their Saddle Up Lookbook and it is just lovely even though the clothes are light and not warm (damn you, Singapore weather!) and there aren't much winter items but you can layer them well with a bit of imagination.

These are my favourites and I they will be mine (hopefully soon):

For more information about their items and collections, check out their website and like them on facebook! xx

torek, 30. oktober 2012


Everyone is excited about Halloween and a lot of fashion lovers are transforming their clothing from street style to spooky fashion which is mostly seen on Lookbook that has changed to Spookbook for a whole week. The most exciting thing about it is the competition Spookbook x American apparel, where the best and most spooky costume will receive a 500$ gift card and four runner ups 100$ for American apparel. How can you not like the competition?

Though it was supposed to be a fun and creative competition, I find it very dull. Why? Because every outfit is the same, just as if everyone was copying each other. They are all dressed in a zombie or have some heavy looking make-up. Can it even get any more boring?

But still, here are some which I think stood out from the rest:

To see other boring contest entries go to and see for yourself. You may actually like some of them in the end. And don't forget to vote for your favourites + stay tuned for other contests that may be held on various sites and don't forget to participate, if you find it as awesome as I do! xx

nedelja, 21. oktober 2012

Top 3 Autumn trends

We are deeply in autumn now and I decided to just gather some trends that I find appealing into a post and show you how I would style them and make them wearable for winter to. And I again must apologize because I don't have any new photos because I had no time and my wardrobe is getting kind of dry, so I'm going shopping on Saturday (oh I am so exited about the Mango's Kate Moss collection (!!!) and Zara's coats... too bad they cost a fortune).

So let me start at the beginning with my absolute favourite which are BASIC COATS. Paired with a dress or something very feminine they are appropriate for every occasion. I like the fact that there aren't to many stitches, that the details are seen more and that they aren't so tight in the waist any more. Plus the materials are either hard or soft and never in between, because I always hated the feeling of the denim like feeling on my skin. 


The second thing I absolutely adore are GEOMETRIC SWEATERS that really make a statement paired with tight pencil skirts (made of pleather to add extra sex-appeal) or with some baggy like pants. I also think that everything is in materials. If they look cheap they ruin the whole outfit.

The last but not least favourite trend are TOP-NOTCH TROUSERS that I keep wearing and I insist of buying myself a new printed pair and one made out of pleather, plus an additional vintage pair that is a bit high-wasted (obsessed right?).

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nedelja, 14. oktober 2012


A few instagram photos and I know this is a used idea but I really do not post that much personal stuff and here it is. It is as personal as it can get (I think... Maybe someday I will pour my heart out here) and this is probably the only month I did not post a million pictures of my coffee friends that are making silly faces while drinking their cups of coffee in the best decorated cafes in Ljubljana. So expect many more in the following simmilar "instaupdate" posts. And no worries, they are all dressed amazing and deserve to be here. Xx

sobota, 13. oktober 2012

FWLJ 2/Day 3

It was expected to be the best show of the fashion week and I personally couldn't wait for the last designer - Peter Movrin -  to present his collection which was pure wearable art. Like a story of a lizard walking on the catwalk in amazing shoes that I wouldn't even dear to wear (they looked pretty hard to walk in).¸

Sanija Rea Aske was also amazing with her "Summertime Sadness" collection that was thrillingly sad and actually wearable. 

JSP had the best accessories at the show and the combination with Gray clothes looked calming and balanced. The only thing I disliked were the shoes that were too much, too big etc.

Again I was accompanied by lovely Lara Ula and Kristina. 

FWLJ was amazing and innovative and I hope the one in the spring presenting Autumn/Winter collections  will be even better in every aspect possible. xx

petek, 12. oktober 2012

FWLJ 2/Day 2

The second one for the day was probably the most impressive one of them all. It was like a splash of fresh and unexpected. Every designer was unique and o point out a favourite would be impossible. I must say that a few things popped in my eye. Nena Florjančič's glitters and Aleksandrabrlan's feel of summer and freedom took me by surprise. And besides the dress incident niOka was amazing too.

Who presented their collections was a common question. And here are some outfits that caught my eye and are extremely wearable summery and represent what I think will be new fashion trends.

Sofia Nogard 



Nena Florjančič (model: Sara Brajko !)

Nena Florjančič

četrtek, 11. oktober 2012

FWLJ 1/Day 2

The first was impressive just because it was my first FW show ever and the atmosphere was great with two press friends, one of which was taking photos all the time. The soundtracks were amazing following by brilliant (or average) outfits. From Miro Misljen's innovative blue circus wigs to Simona Lampe's beautiful umbrellas it surprised me how much imagination the designers had to have. I want to point out Alice Bossman who gave her collection "Prihodnost" a futuristic modern touch and was my personal favourite at this show.

Alice Bossman
Alice Bossman

Alice Bossman
Simona Lampe
Miro Mišljen

Still we can't skip the part where I show you how pathetic we press people look while taking photos of others and ourselves trying to capture everything while still looking awkwardly confident. 

Lata Ula Vidrih

Kristina Eržen
Posts about the other two shows will come tomorrow, so stay tuned. xx

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2012


Someone (and by someone I mean me) is going to Philips Fashion Week tomorrow and on Wednesday. The news arrived so last minute that I have no idea what to wear with a million outfits in my head that would require a completely new wardrobe. I think it's time for some last minute shopping and reaching deep in to my wallet because let's be honest, last minute pieces usually cost a fortune.

I will tweet everything (@PiaLavriha) and put some photos from the fashion show on my instagram (@PiaLavriha as well). I will make a post about both fashion shows in the following days after the show. If you will be there to, then see you there!