ponedeljek, 31. december 2012

OOTD New Year's

Every item on these pictures is from Zara. I am not guaranteeing that it is still available  It is an amazing outfit for an event like this and still casual enough so you can move around without any trouble.

Well anyway I hope you have a good time and I wish you all the best in 2013! Don't forget to follow this blog and I will write again next year! Xx

petek, 28. december 2012

New Year's Resolution No.1: Be an Animal

I always imagined me being a cat, like that cat woman, dressed in leather with cat-eye sunglasses and high heels, just because I am a lady like woman and I adore looking like a cat. That is independent, smooth, a bit seductive and all in all beautiful in every aspect of it's being. And my style next year will be a lot like that (at least I imagine it to be like that) in the following year. So, New Year's resolution number one is already written down in my notebook. What is your first New Year's resolution? xx

sreda, 26. december 2012

Hello Polyvore

I am still getting used to it, but I made myself a Polyvore account and if you want you can follow me HERE. I would be very grateful!

 I love the fact that I can put together my own collages and sets of things that inspire me and that I would wear. It is like a long and never ending Christmas wish-list with amazing items and fun facts that can improve your style. I am excited to see you there! xx

ponedeljek, 24. december 2012

Vienna Wien Dunaj

I spent the days before Christmas in Vienna and I must say that I expected more. Even though the atmosphere was quite sad the Klimt exhibition and Picasso bis Monet exhibition were great. Thumbs up for galleries, museums and fantastic punc! More can be expected in the following days. Xx


Upper Belvedere

nedelja, 09. december 2012

It Came In a Gray Box

I got it today as a late birthday gift, that should arrive in August. An item that I was looking at for a long time. I was almost craving for it, because I couldn't imagine an outfit without it. I always thought "but it would look so much better with the gold CASIO WATCH". I imagined it would be a lot thicker and bigger but I am glad that it is as think as it is, because it suits my wrist perfectly and it adds just the right amount of gold and shine in oppose to all that fabric and wool.

xx P