sreda, 23. januar 2013

#DIY: Straight Hair

If your hair is curly and you usually straighten it for a long time and you don't like doing it, there is another way of how you can make your hair straight, without using a straightener. And it can't get any more simple!

All you need:

  • brown sugar (2-3 tablespoons)
  • a cup of water (possibly warm, so the sugar will melt)
  • a spray bottle, so that you can easily apply this mix into your hair
How to do it:
  • You have to mix 2-3 tablespoons of brown (not white!) sugar into a cup of water and wait for it to melt completely. 
  • Then pour the mix into a spray bottle and again shake it a bit so the mix becomes even. 
  • Wash your hair and use a lot of hair conditioner so your hair will be easier to comb. After that spray the mix in to damp hair. Comb the hair and the blow dry it for a better effect. You have to comb it until it dries completely or your hair will get a bit hard and messy. 

Source: tumblr

ponedeljek, 21. januar 2013

Leather in this Stupid Rainy Weather


Don't worry, I am not a smoker and I don't plan on becoming one, but I have to say that the cigarette box goes well with the amazing Isabel Marant leather jacket and these platform sandals that I plan on buying myself as soon as spring appears.
On the other hand I should probably be thinking about posting some winter outfits, but hey! I am dreaming of warmer days, why not post my fantasies here.

Until the next post! xx

sobota, 12. januar 2013

Simple Essentials

I Had to get a hold of the last good items at sales and this is what I got. (shoes were not on sale btw) I tried to get just the essentials, shirts with no pattern that would be in use for a while. I think I did good. And the shoes were a must since I ruined my ankle boots and had to find a replacement. They are very comfortable and the quality of Vagabond shoes is amazing. Xx

Mass Shoes, Stradivarius Velvet Tee, H&M the other two

sobota, 05. januar 2013


I have not done this in a while so yes, here are some instagram pictures from November, December AND January (at least from these 5 days that we have been experiencing 2013). It was a stressful December but we concluded it with a great New Year's party and started in style. I hope you like it! If you do you might as well check some other posts and follow me here. For more outfits and collages please visit my Polyvore site where I have many more (and I apologize but organizing photo shoots takes a lot of time especially when I do not have my own professional camera). Take care people and happy new year! Xx