If you are new to this blog and you haven't yet had the chance to meet me or hear of me, than you can interpret this as a short presentation.

Starting with "I am..." is not my thing, so I will say that I like to call myself as a student who learns for fun. Sometimes I feel a bit like a prisoner in my home town (which is Ljubljana, country Slovenia), but it is pretty good all in all. As I have already stated, I like school and as funny as it sounds I enjoy learning new things because it gives me a feeling that I am doing something with my life and slowly becoming to understand it, which will of course never happen. My biggest interests besides sociology and literature is fashion, that is not an interest any more, it is more like a routine. Besides that I am slowly becoming a part of the world of modelling (emphasis on slowly!!).

I like Summer and warmth and the only good thing in Winter besides the landscape is a warm blanket and a pretty big cup of coffee. That kind of describes my closet too. All the good ideas come to me in Summer or Spring (maybe in the start of Autumn), but never in Winter. Quite odd is also the fact that I own a lot of bottoms. I think I have about 15 pairs of trousers/jeans and almost all my shoes are black. I have a minimal amount of blazers and quite a lot of jackets (once my friend listed 12). Everyone must have an obsession.

The unimportant things you might want to know is that I am quite tall (1m 75cm) and slim, I have a younger brother and I am originally from Slovenia, trying to move to London (I hope in two, max. 3 years). I am turning 17 in August and I speak Slovenian, English and German. I am not single (hurray!) and I like to exercise and I love to live a healthy lifestyle, if you don't include the large amount of coffee I drink daily. I will soon own a Siberian hamster, otherwise I don't really feel like an animal person. My favourite movie is Pay it forward and I still haven't found my favourite book.

Is that enough?........ it probably is....

A portrait 

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