ponedeljek, 24. september 2012

Fashionblogger.si event: We tried

It was the second Friday that I had spent in a mall called Citypark, because I attended a styling competition with huge rewards. I firstly thought I was aiming for the rich prize of 500€, that would be well spent on some clothes and a camera that would make my blogging a lot easier, but it turned out that I wasn't what they were looking for and I went "home" a round before the finals, even though I found the idea of working in their editorship a lot more appealing than the money. For those who don't know, the event was based on a group of inexperienced young people who were supposed to make a styling in a store that they chose for you on a certain topic that was almost impossible to find in the particular store. It was hard and I was nervous like hell and three cups of coffee I had drank before the competition didn't help at all.
Even though I didn't succeed, I met some amazing people, from bloggers to personal stylists in the making, that helped me get through the tension and the competitive atmosphere.

First styling

Wearing: H&M dress, stocking and hat, vintage sweater, Vagabond leather flat shoes, Bershka necklace

Photos by Žiga Intihar

torek, 18. september 2012

#Military Olive

I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I met her for coffee and she shocked me with her olive blouse with golden buttons that made her look gentle and soft in that positive business way just as she would have stopped in her "between meetings" break. However, when searching for the perfectly balanced outfit one must be careful that everything is not too clean and I like how she manages to accomplish that every time with pairing a lot of her outfits with these (not dr. Martens finally) boots. And the spike bracelet (probably not seen here) was a nice touch.
In general I could not dislike olive and military patterns more than I do, but still she owned the look and made me think about buying my self an olive shirt/jacket/pants and wearing them with pride, regardless of the fact that I do own a military shirt (original from the Slovenian army) which is drastically oversized and there for acceptable only for my less tolerant days. A great subtle way to make me change my opinion, because her styling sure looks great... And besides, how can a man say no to her eyes and amazing legs?

In the picture: Maša Zalokar

nedelja, 16. september 2012

The "size 0 pressure"

Don't let the pressure make you a negative person. Be just the way you want to be, skinny or a bit bigger. Be the person you find is beautiful and approach it with a positive attitude. Don't take it as a "must", take it as a "want" and as a challenge to make the best you can make out of your self physically and mentally. Take small steps and don't be satisfied with just anything. Make goals and try to reach them without even considering of looking who is trying to crush you before you are moving them out of the way. Determination is the key. Make yourself what you want to be, not what you think others want you to look or be like. You can! Now repeat it!

sobota, 15. september 2012

The Brick Wall

 As days pass and innocent moments go by I start to remember the things I gave the most time and thought to and besides my daily outfits that seemed to take most of the "next day" preparations , I gave a lot of time to the ones I love and the ones that make my projects exciting but fresh at the same time. They tend to inspire me and give me ideas I wouldn't have without them.
And in the end I have to make a little announcement that goes hand in hand with the opening of this blog which will be a fashion/lifestyle mix-up. I have to prepare you guys for an opening of another blog we plan to write and edit with Liza (3rd picture on the left) and through time develop it in as many ways as possible. This is the link --> http://kavaincaj.tumblr.com/ . Follow us there and follow my blog!

1st outfit: H&M pants, shoes, shirt, hair cuff and sheer blouse, Promod bracelet 
2nd outfit: Promod pants and top, H&M shoes and hair cuff, Mango bag
3rd+4th: H&M dress and shoes