ponedeljek, 24. september 2012

Fashionblogger.si event: We tried

It was the second Friday that I had spent in a mall called Citypark, because I attended a styling competition with huge rewards. I firstly thought I was aiming for the rich prize of 500€, that would be well spent on some clothes and a camera that would make my blogging a lot easier, but it turned out that I wasn't what they were looking for and I went "home" a round before the finals, even though I found the idea of working in their editorship a lot more appealing than the money. For those who don't know, the event was based on a group of inexperienced young people who were supposed to make a styling in a store that they chose for you on a certain topic that was almost impossible to find in the particular store. It was hard and I was nervous like hell and three cups of coffee I had drank before the competition didn't help at all.
Even though I didn't succeed, I met some amazing people, from bloggers to personal stylists in the making, that helped me get through the tension and the competitive atmosphere.

First styling

Wearing: H&M dress, stocking and hat, vintage sweater, Vagabond leather flat shoes, Bershka necklace

Photos by Žiga Intihar

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