sobota, 17. november 2012

A Puma in the City

I am sitting in front of the computer thinking about today's morning. The lovely photo-session turned out to be a success and I can't wait to arrive to school with my lap-top in my hands and throwing myself in a cafe that is right across Pojane Grammar School, drinking coffee while browsing through today's photos. The hardest part will be choosing which one will be appropriate to go on this blog and to be submitted...where to, is still a top secret.

The post-photo shoot anticipation is what I dislike the most, because on one hand I feel excited and can not wait to see what turned out. I have a best case scenario in my head where I will be overwhelmed with how great the photos turned out to be, how the textures are seen perfectly and how no item of clothing makes me look fat or incapable of making a decent outfit, because the clothes are not black any more but look dark blue. Along side the best case scenario is the worst case one, where everything goes wrong, where every picture is a disaster, where every pose is terrible and I look like a slob even when wearing size 0 pants. I hate the feeling when I can not say "it's done! everything necessary is shot" and I have to fill another session in to my schedule.

Despite all odds, Zoya says pictures are crazy. You will see them in a couple of days, until then I wll have to leave you hanging with only this photo to keep you waiting and to maintain the anticipation that is hopefully in the air. xx

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