petek, 02. november 2012

ZARA TRF Lookbook Nov.

It's November now and I was happy to see a new Zara news leather in my e-mail today finally! It surprised me that the lookbook wasn't for women or man and that they didn't send me the new People! Magazine (if it still exists). They sent me the new TRF lookbook which is again fantastic and unaffordable but still fun to watch. They included the "pattern-pattern" trend in one styling that I find amazing but I would probably never dare to wear it myself, because this is the one trend that can look either horrible or amazing, depending of the occasion, posture and the pattern itself. They used Jacquard pattern and it was a wave of freshness seeing that they didn't use the worn out Paisley again.

All in all, every piece is casual but it looks clean without any unnecessary grunge feel added to it and again there are three pieces I can imagine in my closet soon. Can you guess which ones?

Expect new style photos soon (I know I am boring you to death with these campaign and lookbook styles, but still don't say you didn't get any ideas and you didn't see any new pieces you would like to buy and wear), because today I am having a French night out and French couture fits perfectly with the theme. xx

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