sreda, 31. oktober 2012

Runway bandits

Probably all of you are facing the same problem when you are looking for an online store and you can't find one that would fit you style perfectly. I have to say that I still haven't find 'the one', but I ran across a store that is close second. It is called RUNWAY BANDITS and it is based in Singapore. The thing I like the most is, that all the items are reasonably priced and well styled, put together in street style like combinations. Every item can be styled in to a million outfits and they say that they ship world wide (probably not to Slovenia, but I will try it soon).

They just launched their Saddle Up Lookbook and it is just lovely even though the clothes are light and not warm (damn you, Singapore weather!) and there aren't much winter items but you can layer them well with a bit of imagination.

These are my favourites and I they will be mine (hopefully soon):

For more information about their items and collections, check out their website and like them on facebook! xx

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