četrtek, 11. oktober 2012

FWLJ 1/Day 2

The first was impressive just because it was my first FW show ever and the atmosphere was great with two press friends, one of which was taking photos all the time. The soundtracks were amazing following by brilliant (or average) outfits. From Miro Misljen's innovative blue circus wigs to Simona Lampe's beautiful umbrellas it surprised me how much imagination the designers had to have. I want to point out Alice Bossman who gave her collection "Prihodnost" a futuristic modern touch and was my personal favourite at this show.

Alice Bossman
Alice Bossman

Alice Bossman
Simona Lampe
Miro Mišljen

Still we can't skip the part where I show you how pathetic we press people look while taking photos of others and ourselves trying to capture everything while still looking awkwardly confident. 

Lata Ula Vidrih

Kristina Eržen
Posts about the other two shows will come tomorrow, so stay tuned. xx

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