četrtek, 04. oktober 2012

#Grunge fever

Again and again she is like a muse to every person she meets and her style is like an extra touch to her personality and her appearance. She seems to amaze me every time I see her with something fresh. She said she got these items in London that is the centre of fashion which I love for its wonderful architecture, arts and a number of fashion designers that surprise every time with their creativity. And just people like her who introduce new fashion trends, statements and styles can broaden our minds and make us see that there are many ways to wear our clothing items.
This time she again styled olive with spikes and platform shoes that gave the whole outfit an edgy grunge look. The collar is also spiked, and you can get similar neck accessories (I don't know how this is called....some sort of a collar accessory) in the Ab Fab store on Mestni trg in the centre of Ljubljana. They are made by a brand called Neon Vintage Jewellery (beautiful and not overpriced!).

In the photo: Maša Zalokar

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