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Top 3 Autumn trends

We are deeply in autumn now and I decided to just gather some trends that I find appealing into a post and show you how I would style them and make them wearable for winter to. And I again must apologize because I don't have any new photos because I had no time and my wardrobe is getting kind of dry, so I'm going shopping on Saturday (oh I am so exited about the Mango's Kate Moss collection (!!!) and Zara's coats... too bad they cost a fortune).

So let me start at the beginning with my absolute favourite which are BASIC COATS. Paired with a dress or something very feminine they are appropriate for every occasion. I like the fact that there aren't to many stitches, that the details are seen more and that they aren't so tight in the waist any more. Plus the materials are either hard or soft and never in between, because I always hated the feeling of the denim like feeling on my skin. 


The second thing I absolutely adore are GEOMETRIC SWEATERS that really make a statement paired with tight pencil skirts (made of pleather to add extra sex-appeal) or with some baggy like pants. I also think that everything is in materials. If they look cheap they ruin the whole outfit.

The last but not least favourite trend are TOP-NOTCH TROUSERS that I keep wearing and I insist of buying myself a new printed pair and one made out of pleather, plus an additional vintage pair that is a bit high-wasted (obsessed right?).

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