sobota, 13. oktober 2012

FWLJ 2/Day 3

It was expected to be the best show of the fashion week and I personally couldn't wait for the last designer - Peter Movrin -  to present his collection which was pure wearable art. Like a story of a lizard walking on the catwalk in amazing shoes that I wouldn't even dear to wear (they looked pretty hard to walk in).¸

Sanija Rea Aske was also amazing with her "Summertime Sadness" collection that was thrillingly sad and actually wearable. 

JSP had the best accessories at the show and the combination with Gray clothes looked calming and balanced. The only thing I disliked were the shoes that were too much, too big etc.

Again I was accompanied by lovely Lara Ula and Kristina. 

FWLJ was amazing and innovative and I hope the one in the spring presenting Autumn/Winter collections  will be even better in every aspect possible. xx

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