torek, 30. oktober 2012


Everyone is excited about Halloween and a lot of fashion lovers are transforming their clothing from street style to spooky fashion which is mostly seen on Lookbook that has changed to Spookbook for a whole week. The most exciting thing about it is the competition Spookbook x American apparel, where the best and most spooky costume will receive a 500$ gift card and four runner ups 100$ for American apparel. How can you not like the competition?

Though it was supposed to be a fun and creative competition, I find it very dull. Why? Because every outfit is the same, just as if everyone was copying each other. They are all dressed in a zombie or have some heavy looking make-up. Can it even get any more boring?

But still, here are some which I think stood out from the rest:

To see other boring contest entries go to and see for yourself. You may actually like some of them in the end. And don't forget to vote for your favourites + stay tuned for other contests that may be held on various sites and don't forget to participate, if you find it as awesome as I do! xx

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